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March 20 2018

Dangerous Liaison: Sexually Transmitted Allergic Reaction to Brazil Nuts

this is legit. at least insofar that semen can have allergenic traces of bazil nut protein from eating bazil nuts.
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heor dogdor hälfnse moir! 
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Where is the source here? I think you just posted the image again.
Or am I missing something?
To be honest, that wasn't really a conscious decision. The idea behind the rule was actually so that people don't have to justify citing sources they disagree with or don't want to be associated with.
It just hasn't become a problem yet , so I saw no reason to add it again.
Also, I think the original rules said no judgement on the source, not no judgement on people who refuse to post sources, so as far as I can see @paket would be in the clear either way. :P
Btw.: This and Spicerack are the only places I moderate, so I appreciate feedback on my rules :)
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I'm not a robot.
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Makita released a coffee machine (CM501D) that runs off power tool batteries.
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