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July 19 2018

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awwww-cute: Its kinda hot in Greece

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sunflower spiral generator: a little web program that creates svg graphics resembling the spiral pattern most prominently found on sunflowers, but also many other other plants.

it takes it's parameters directly from the address (after the #), and i invite you to play with them. (some can have negative or non-integer values)

this particular one has the address: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:8,color:'r1',dotSize:0.5

you can remove parameters in order to restore defaults. i'll probably add more parameters in the future.

beware that "po2" is the number of dots as a power of two. it escalates quickly. (values larger than ~16 might take a long time and even larger ones might crash the browser tab)

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July 18 2018

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